Terms and Conditions

1.    Introduction

1.1.    These Terms and Conditions define the conditions of using the Website http://apply.mans.org.pl/a/warsawmanagement-university and the rights and obligations of the Website users.
1.2.    These Terms and Conditions are available at http://apply.mans.org.pl/a/warsawmanagement-university/rules .
1.3.    Each User shall read the Terms and Conditions and comply with them.

2.    Definitions

2.1.    Agent – a person cooperating with the Institution within the students recruitment process.

2.2.    Institution – Warsaw Management University.

2.3.    Agent Account – an account on the Website created by the Institution for an Agent and enabling him/her to log in to the Website and use its functionalities.

2.4.    Employee Account – a Website account created by the Institution for an Employee and enabling him/her to log in to the Website and use its functionalities.

2.5.    Student Account – a Website account created by the Institution for a Student and enabling him/her to log in to the Website and use its functionalities.

2.6.    Website Account – Employee Account, Agent Account and/or Student Account, enabling the User to whom the account is assigned to log in to the Website and use its functionalities.

2.7.    Materials and Documents – all content, information and documents uploaded by the User to the Website.

2.8.    Website Operator – Q24 Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością having its registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Juliana Smulikowskiego 4, 00-389 Warszawa, entered under number 0000901466 into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court for the Town of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register and registered under № 388976973 in the National Register of Economic Entities [REGON], and bearing the Taxpayer ID [NIP] №: 5252863364.

2.9.    Employee – a member of the staff of the Institution to whom an Employee Account has been assigned.

2.10.  Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions.

2.11.  Technological solutions as used in the Website – software and technological solutions provided by the Operator in order to operate the Website;

2.12.  Student – applicant for admission to studies at the Institution.

2.13.  Agreement for the provision of electronic services – agreement permitting the use of a Website Account and access to the Website after logging in.

2.14.  Service – access service to the Website functionality after logging in.

2.15.  User – a person using the Website, including the Employee, Agent and Student.

3.    Service Provider and Operator

3.1.    The administrator of the Website is the Institution. The Institution is a Service provider within the meaning of the laws on the provision of services by electronic means.

3.2.    The Operator is the supplier of software and technological solutions enabling the functioning of the Website.

3.3.    The Institution has ordered the Operator to manage the Website on an ongoing basis. The Operator may perform any operations in the Website that the Institution is authorized to perform.

3.4.    The Institution may assign its rights available to it hereunder to a selected Employee Account(s) and/or Agent Account(s).

4.    Technical conditions necessary to use the website and services

In order to effectively use the Website, including the effective use of the Website’s functionality, as well as to use the Services, the User should have a device with a processor with a minimum clock frequency of 1,7 GHz, Internet access, properly configured Safari, MS Edge, Mozilla FireFox and/or Chrome web browser, active Java Script support, cookies enabled and an e-mail address.

5.    Use of the Website and its functionality

5.1.    The Website supports the student recruitment process for studies, providing a platform to facilitate the recruitment documentation processing, uploading, submissions and evaluation of documentation, as well as communication between the Institution and Employees, Agents and Students.

5.2.    The functionalities of the Website are in particular: creating new accounts on the Website, uploading Materials and Documents, supporting communication with Users. The functionality of the Website may change over time, in particular, when new functions are added and/or existing function(s) modified and/or deleted.

5.3.    Full functionality of the Website is available only after logging in to the account on the Website.

5.4.    The Website is available at any time in the state in which it is at a given time (“as is”), which applies to both the availability of the Website, its functionality and content. Neither the Institution, nor the Operator guarantees the availability of the Website or its functionality. The Institution and the Operator make all efforts to improve the Website and increase its functionality.

5.5.    The Website availability may be temporarily – completely or partially – restricted or disabled in order to improve the Website, add Services and/or functions, or to perform maintenance procedures. To the extent possible, Users will be informed in advance via e-mails or announcements on the Website about the Website becoming unavailable.

5.6.    The Website, with the exception of the Materials and Documents, is available in Polish and English. The Materials and Documents are always available in the language in which they were created and uploaded to the Website.

5.7.    The Users shall not perform any activities that may adversely affect the proper operation of the Website.

5.8.    The Users shall not deliver any content that is considered illegal.

5.9.    Where a User uses hardware or software that adversely affects the operation of the Website, his/her access to the Website may be restricted to a part or the whole the Website.

6.    Website Account

6.1.    The Website Account allows the User to have full access to the functionality of the Website.

6.2.    The Website Account is created for a User by the Institution entering data identifying the account holder, including in particular his/her name, surname, business name and e-mail address. The Institution may enter additional User data, specifically the official positions of the Employee within the Institution in case of Employee Account. The login to the Website Account is the User’s e-mail address assigned to the account.

6.3.    The Institution may grant the right to create Student Accounts and Agent Accounts also to its Employee(s), and the right to create Student Accounts may be also granted to Agent(s).

6.4.    After the Institution has created the Website Account, an activation link will be sent to the e-mail address provided when an account was created. After clicking on the activation link, the User will be moved to the login panel where such he/she will be allowed to set a password for logging, read these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and log in.

6.5.    The data and – in particular – the password for logging into the Website Account shall be kept confidential by the User. The User shall be kept solely responsible for any consequences resulting from the disclosure of login data to a third party.

6.6.    When a User logs into the Website Account for the first time, such act shall be considered to establish an Agreement for the provision of electronic services for an indefinite time between such User and the Institution.

6.7.    The Institution may delete or archive an individual Website Account at any time. A Website Account that has been archived shall not be active and access to it shall be restricted only to the Institution and/or person(s) to whom the Institution has granted access to such an account.

6.8.    Where a Website Account is deleted, such act shall be considered to terminate the Agreement for the provision of electronic services. Where the Agreement for the provision of electronic services is terminated, the Website Account shall be deleted or archived.

6.9.    The Institution may suspend the User from accessing the Website Account where the User infringes the provisions hereof.

7.    Registration Rules

7.1.    An applicant may express his/her wish to register on the Website by entering the appropriate section of the Website (clicking the “Apply” button or by clicking the activation link received at his/her e-mail address).

7.2.    After data required to create an account is entered (first name, middle name(s), surname, name at birth, country of residence, telephone number, gender, photo, e-mail address) and after the account is activated, then such account will be registered and the Student may proceed to supplement data required of the Student by the recruitment process.

7.3.    Only one account per person may be set up on the Website.

7.4.    After an account is created for the Student, then he/she will have the option of multiple login to the Account with the use of his/her name (e-mail address provided in the registration process) and the password set.

7.5.    The Institution shall not be held liable for disclosing by the Student of his/her login and/or password to a third party and gaining access to the Student Account in the system by a third party other than the Student (an unauthorized person). Any change of data in the individual account of an applicant made by an unauthorized person shall be considered as a change made by and on behalf of such applicant.

7.6.    The proper creation of a Student Account requires that it is necessary to enter all required data and information and to fill in all required fields. Registration for a university study line may require additional data (including sensitive data).

7.7.    Where the Student is not an adult person, the Student Account will have only partial functionality. In order to gain full access to the Student Account, the Institution may require that additional documents (including parental or guardian consent) be submitted.

8.    Website Content

8.1.    The Operator is the sole owner of all rights, including in particular copyrights to the Technological solutions as used in the Website and to the content of the Website, other than Materials and Documents. Any copying, distribution and/or other use of the same outside of the normal use of the Website shall be prohibited.

8.2.    Under the rights assigned to the Website Account, a User may upload (add) Materials and Documents, and the User shall ensure that the Materials and Documents:

8.2.1.      do not violate any applicable laws, these Terms and Conditions and/or decisions of competent authorities, in particular those applicable to personal data protection;

8.2.2.      do not infringe the rights of a third party or parties, including intellectual property rights of such party or parties;

8.2.3.      do not constitute illegal, pornographic, defamatory, insulting or offensive content that injures specific person(s), institution(s), community/communities, nationality/nationalities and/or nation(s), and/or that such materials and/or documents do not violate the good customs or rights of third party/parties, including, but not limited to the commission and/or facilitating a prohibited act;

8.2.4.      do not constitute distribution of unsolicited commercial information, nor spam or chain messages;

8.2.5.      do not cause attacks on other computers, systems and/or networks, or undue burden on the Website.

8.3.    The Materials and Documents may be moderated by the Institution, which eventually also implies its deletion.

8.4.    The Operator may publish advertising materials on the Website. Advertising materials may be personalized and adapted to the User's preferences based on the User’s online activity, providing that cookies has been enabled by the User.

9.    Complaints and notifications

9.1.    A User may lodge a complaint regarding the functioning of the Website. The complaint in which improper performance of the Website is reported shall be submitted by e-mail sent to the address: office@q24.tech The response to the complaint shall be sent within fourteen (14) days to the User’s e-mail address from which the complaint was filed.

9.2.    Frequently asked questions may be published in the form of a set of questions and answers (Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs). The set of questions and answers may be updated.

10.      Termination of the contract for the provision of services by electronic means

10.1.  Subject to other provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the Agreement for the provision of electronic services may be terminated by the Institution or by the User by termination notice with immediate effect.

10.2.  The Institution may terminate the Agreement for the provision of electronic services with immediate effect, in particular where:

10.2.1.     the Institution obtains or becomes aware of information about the incorrectness of or the existence of reasonable doubts as to data provided by the User;

10.2.2.     the act, omission or other conduct of the User is contrary to applicable laws, rules of social coexistence or violates the rights of the Institution;

10.2.3.     the User violates the provisions hereof.

10.3.  Where the Agreement for the provision of electronic services is terminated by a User, the termination will be made effective by the User’s sending a termination notice via e-mail to the address office@ q24.tech, and where the same is terminated by the Institution such termination will be made effective by the Institution’s sending a termination notice via e-mail to the User’s e-mail address assigned to his/her the Website Account.

11. Liability

Neither the Institution nor the Operator shall be held liable for:

11.1.  acts or things done by the User or third party;

11.2.  transient or permanent unavailability of the Website and/or services and/or their temporary or permanent malfunction;

11.3.  sharing any content by the User with a third party or third parties;

11.4.  use of logging credentials and passwords by a third party or parties, where such person(s) has/have acquired such data as a result of their having been disclosed by the User and/or as a result of insufficient protection of such credentials and passwords by the User against access by such person(s);

11.5.  damage caused by force majeure, decisions or rulings of public authorities;

11.6.  violation by the User of the provisions hereof.

12. Privacy policy and personal data

Detailed information on the processing of Users' personal data, including detailed information obligations and information on cookies can be found in http://apply.mans.org.pl/a/warsawmanagement-university/privacypolicy

13. Miscallenous provisions.

13.1.  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid in whole or in part by a final decision of a court and/or an other government body, the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions shall remain in force.

13.2.  The User may not transfer any or all of his/her rights and obligations under the contract for the provision of services by electronic means to any third party without the consent of the Institution.

13.3.  In any matter that these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement for the provision of electronic services do not provide for, the relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply, unless the mandatory provisions of law provide for another jurisdiction.

13.4.  The court of proper jurisdiction to settle disputes arising from or relating to the Agreement for the provision of electronic services shall be the court of proper jurisdiction over the registered office of the Institution. The preceding sentence shall not apply to disputes in regard whereof mandatory provisions of law provide other proper jurisdiction.

13.5.  The Institution reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. Amendments to these Terms and Conditions shall be made available to Users on the Website and become effective as of the date of their publication on the Website, unless the Institution decides that the amendment(s) shall enter in force after a specified time.

13.6.  The User should immediately and on an ongoing basis become familiar with the content of the current version of these Terms and Conditions and amendments thereto.